MC 1


The one-channel-ball coagulometer MC 1 is used in smaller laboratories with low sample throughput and also for spezial tests in research.

The processing of all routine tests as PT, aPTT, fibrinogen and clotting factors is rapid and safe. The test results are indicated in %, INR, ratio and seconds in a clear and illuminated double-row graphic display and transmitted additionally as hardcopy to a thermo printer or to the laboratory EDP.

The measurement is started with the automatic 3-volume pipette or manually with any normal laboratory pipette.

The samples to be tested are positioned in the incubation and pre-heating area which is tempered to exactly 37.2°C . (Via the service menue the temperature can steplessly be adjusted to a range between 30°C and 42°C .)

The sort of probes (clarity level) is not important for the ball method as only the fibrin formation is used as indicator.


Variety of products

Our clients can choose between the MC 1 MICRO and the classical version MC 1 MACRO (MACRO is employed for the common whole blood tests)

The MC 1 VET, which is employed successfully in the veterinary medicine, is customised to very low fibrin concentrations.

Specifications of the MC 1

Measuring channels 1
Test method mechanical, by ball
MICRO, MACRO, VET optional
Sample hemolytic, icteric and lipemic plasmas, whole blood, citrated whole blood
Reagent open system
Test volume 75 - 600 µl
Result output %, INR, ratio, sec.
Incubation stations 2
Reagent stations 2
Pulsed operation variable pulse / stop operation for the detection of lowest fibrinogen values
Calibration curve storage Freely programmable calibration curve with 4 points and %-evaluation
Interface RS 232
Thermo printer vie RS232
Software Updates remote maintenance
Service menue variable rotation speed & temperature, default storage
Languages German, English, Chinese, additional languages on request
Display 2 line high resolution graphic display
Power suplly voltage Wide range power supply 90 - 260 volts, 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage 12 Volt
Electric power 20 VA
Width 125 mm
Height 93 mm
Depth 218 mm
Weight 1,2 kg (2,5 lb)