MC 1 plus


The one channel ball coagulometer MC1 Plus with mechanical and optical detection is made for use in smaller laboratories with low sample throughput as well for special tests in research.

The MC1 Plus allows measuring PT, aPTT, TT, Fibrinogen, Clotting factors, D-Dimer, AT III, Protein C + S, CRP and other clinical chemical tests.

The test results are indicated either in %, INR, ratio, seconds or freely definably.

The MC1 Plus is controlled by an optional PC.


Specifications of the MC1plus

Measuring channels 1x mechanical by ball / 1x optical 405 & 650 nm
MICRO, MACRO optional
Sample haemolytic, icteric and lipemic plasma; whole blood; citrated whole blood; serum (clinical chemistry)
Reagent open System
PC connection USB
Test volume 75 – 600 ?l
Result output sec., %, INR, ratio, freely definably
Incubation stations 2 at 37°C
Reagent stations 2 at 37°C
Pulsed operation variable pulse/stop operation for the detection of lowest fi brinogen values
Calibration curve storage freely programmable calibration curve with up to 6 points
Patient memory hard disc (PC)
Service menu variable rotation speed & temperature; default storage
Power supply voltage wide range power supply 90–260 volts, 50–60 Hz
Operating voltage 24 volts
Electric power 30VA
Width x Hight x Depth 187 mm x 90 mm x 265 mm
Weight 1,8kg (4,0 Ib)