MC 10 plus


The MC10plus is a semi-automatic 10-channel ball coagulometer for high sample throughputs with mechanical and optionally optical detection. The appearance of the mechanical ball coagulometers (AMELUNG) changed over the years without considerable modification of the basic concept which has remained the leading standard principle. Basing on this method, our experience and the latest technology we developped an analyser which is unique throughout the world with regard to precision, measuring speed and convenience.

The measurements are startet with an automatic HandyStep® pipette. The start reagents are placed in an incubation and preheating area of exactly 37.2°C. For the test samples there are 2 rows with preparation stations and one row with incubation stations. 

The type of sample (regarding clarity level) is irrelevant for the ball method, as only the fibrin formation is taken as indicator. Together with the suitable reagents plasma samples as well as whole blood samples can be measured. (For special tests a stepless temperature adjustment from 30°C to 42°C is possible via the service menu.) The storage of calibration curves and patient data is of course possible.



The MC10plus can be refitted with a 1-channel photometer with 2 selectable wavelengths (405 / 650 nm). For the optical measuring method there are various kinds of detecting a clotting reaction respectively the following test value determination. Here the measuring time also starts by adding the start reagent. Only the measuring methods are different. Up to 32 variants are possible.

The CoagVIEW® software represents the photometer data graphically.


In addition to the data representation on display, printer or laboratory EDP this optional software allows to load all patient values from the MC10plus memory to a Microsoft Windows® computer.
Here the data can be embedded in an Excel® table and then edited and processed according to the individual needs.


With a further upgrade possibility it is possible to measure the lysis-time, i.e. the time that a clotted sample needs to resolve again completely after adding a reagent.

The lysis-test is started just like a normal clotting test. The period of time between clot formation and clot resolving of the sample is taken and displayed in minutes and hours. As additional information the clotting time is displayed in seconds.

Specifications of the MC10plus

Number of Measuring channels 10 + 1
Standard measuring principle 10x mechanical, by ball
Optional measuring method 1 x optical, 405 and 650 nm
MICRO, MACRO optional
Sample hemolytic, icteric and lipemic plasmas, whole blood, citrated whole blood, cistrated plasma
Reagent open system
Test volume 75 - 600 µl
Measuring value output %, INR, Ratio, sec, min, hour, g/L, free naming
Incubation stations 10 (1 rack with 10 cuvettes)
Sample preparation stations 20 (2 racks with 20 cuvettes)
Reagent stations 10 (5 x 11,5 mm and 5 x 14.5 mm diameter)
Temperated pipette storing position 2
Pipette storing position at room temperature 1
Pulsed operation variable pulse / stop operation for the detection of lowest fibrinogen values
Calibration curve storage Freely programmable calibration curve (up to 5 points)
Patient memory 1000
predefined tests PT, PTT, TZ, FAK, FIB
Number of freely programmable tests 3
Emergency Test 1
Interface RS 232, LIS, PC
Barcode-Scanner Emergency Test
Printer via RS 232
Software Updates remote maintenance
Service menue variable rotation speed & temperature, default storage
Languages German, English, Chinese, further languages on request
Display high definition graphic display, 320 x 240 pixel
Power supply voltage Wide range power supply 90 - 260 volts, 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage 24 volts
Electric power 70 VA
Width 590 mm
Height 170 mm
Depth 430 mm
Weight 15 kg (33 lb)