The photometer principle

The photometry is a generally applied, comparatively cost-saving, rapid and easy test method for coagulation analysers. By means of this method, which is relatively sensitive, a few millilitres of the test material can be quantified. The photometry is basing on the fact that a part of the passing light (UV-VIS = UV and visible field ca. 200 - 900 nm wave length) is reduced through the liquid test sample. Here the own colouration of the probe or the colouration of the probe by adding suitable reagents is used.

The same principle is employed in our photometer module: during the coagulation of a plasma sample the light transmission of the sample is altered which is indicating the fibrin formation. The course of the colouration is stored in the  MC4/10 and evaluated by a special software according the test requirements.

Photometer in the MC1 plus, MC4 plus & MC 10 plus