Our business philosophy

ABW Medizin und Technik GmbH was established in September 1999 by employees of the service team of the Heinrich Amelung GmbH, a well known producer of laboratory devices. Many customers kept their loyalty and entrusted us their coagulometers for repair or maintenance. At this point we would like to thank you very much!
We can look back on more than 30 years of experience in the repair of laboratory instruments. Beyond that we offer maintenance and repair of your Eppendorf pipettes by our qualified staff.

Due to the purchase of all Assets  from the insolvent MERLINmedical GmbH i.L. in July 2008 and a rigorous reorganization of the distribution we supply customers with coagulometers, hematology system components and the according original disposables.

Creative engineering with often unconventional solutions features our development. To challenge the established, to go unusual ways and to take the chance of unusual views, these are the requisites for the realization of new and exceptional ideas.

An important condition for the virtue of innovation of ABW Medizin und Technik GmbH is the constant and personal knowledge transfer and the exchange of experience. The close contact with universities, laboratories and hospitals ensures that our products and our provision of services are always up-to-date. Small but powerful: our success is based upon our pronounced virtue of innovation, our global proximity to our customers, our prime quality as well as our skill to respond immediately and professionally on the special market requirements.

Our performance

Lateral thinking, i.e. to strike new paths, to develop new ideas and to overcome difficulties: the four associates already proved their ability long before ABW Medizin und Technik GmbH was founded. With a brand new technique they took up the idea of the successful type KC 1A of the company HEINRICH AMELUNG and developed a small universal analyser which can be employed in the labarotory, and also as modified version in the veterinary medicine. The whole product range is basing on the here applied and well proven measuring method.

As a forward-looking company the ABW Medizin und Technik GmbH invests especially in the research and development of new systems. A groundbreaking innovation in this field is the employment of an integrated one-channel photometer in addition to the in every device already existing conventional mechanical clot detection. For the very first time the laboratory is now able to determine ALL coagulation tests.

Production with high claim for quality

"Zero errors" is the quality target of the ABW Medizin und Technik GmbH for all concerns. The minimum benchmark are internationally very high standards. High-quality work is deeply anchored in our corporate culture and is practised day by day. Latest product technology for our medical engineering products makes an essential contribution to the "Zero-error-production" and as a matter of course the quality consciousness of every single employee has a big share in the high quality standard of our coagulomters.
Reliability and longlife-cycle distinguish the products of the ABW Medizin und Technik GmbH.

Our performance is geared immanently to the conditions and conversion processes of the market. By permanent further development and completion of our products we create analytical systems with the best available technology and which comply with the latest which are on the latest application requirements.


Future markets

One of our basic principles is the local presence. In the beginning of the year 2004 MERLINmedical GmbH launched their first foreign department in one of the biggest future markets: in Yantai, Shandong Province P.R.China.

Since the beginning of our activities in China John Yang joined MERLINmedical China. John Yang manages our business in Yantai and is the contact person for our Chinese customers. His studies also included English and he gained international experiences as export manager in different Chinese enterprises.